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Mobile website considerations

March 16th, 2012

Another great post with tips and tricks to consider when looking at responsive and mobile design. Also challenging the general desktop based conventions within the mobile space. It is generally developer based but provides a good overview for everyone.

And is worth reading for the following line alone:  ”Unicorns and ponies frolic. Marketers rejoice. All is well in the world.”

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Content Shifting

March 16th, 2012

Another good read about how content is being used outside of the normal website context and how users are now choosing the format in which they consume your content. This approach removes anything that the user considers distracting or irrelevant that us as web design/developers/architects have added to our sites in the belief that the user wants it!

“Content shifting allows a user to take a piece of content that they’ve identified in one context and make it available in another. Perhaps the most popular content shifter is Instapaper, which allows users to easily shift interesting articles they find on the web. With one click of the “Read Later” bookmarklet, the desired article is shifted from a user’s web browser to their mobile device.”

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Interview with Jeremy Keith

March 16th, 2012

While looking for article regarding Jeremy Keith’s Responsive Enhancement workshop run at Dconstruct 2011 I came across the following interview.

I thought it was worth reposting as it echo’s the discussions we have been having regarding the use of semantics and progressive enhancement. I agree with the discussion about Windows phone being a great advancement and breaking the repetition of the iphone UI that Android then mimic’d but that another whole conversation!

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Facebook to focus on mobile for 2011

February 4th, 2011

No other site has moved the publics expectations of the web further forward then facebook. Before it became the mainstream social networking site that it is today only the web’s savvy users were used to Ajax interactions and modal overlays. Today it is expected of all sites, with sites that don’t are considered outdated.
Whether you love or hate facebook its size can not be ignored. For 2011 it has set it’s sights on HTML5 and the mobile platform. With over 200 million people now accessing facebook via mobile devices and with this market growing faster than the desktop platform it’s the one to watch. The question is can facebook bring mobile websites and applications forward the way it did on the desktop.

Read more about facebooks plans and acquisitions

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